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When you need plastic recycling in Tremonton, UT, you need Hillside Recycling. For nearly 10 years, our company has provided recycling services, and we are a proud member of this community, which is why we offer the most competitive pricing for our services anywhere in this region. Waste management is something that everyone should be aware of, even if you’re not actively involved with it, and the proper recycling of waste materials is the most responsible approach to dealing with non-renewable resources like plastics.

Most people are aware that plastic disposal for things like plastic beverage bottles should be handled through recycling, especially since it’s stamped on the bottles, but it may not be so readily apparent that other plastics can be recycled as well. Old, unused toys for instance are a great example of plastic materials that should not be simply thrown out and destined for a landfill somewhere, but should be recycled into something that can still have value and purpose in some new form. For high-volume scenarios such as industrial plastic recycling, Hillside Recycling can arrange for a monthly recycling service, wherein a roll-off bin is left at your site to be loaded up during the month with all unwanted plastics. 

If you are unsure about whether something is recyclable or not, many materials are stamped with recycling symbols, which are internationally recognized symbols that identify easily recyclable materials. If you haven’t seen one of these symbols, they look like a triangle with three arrows chasing each other in a continuous pattern. Call Hillside Recycling for a quote on removal of your plastic recyclables.

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