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Hillside Recycling is a company that specializes in all manner of recycling services, including metal, plastics, and paper recycling in Tremonton, UT. This also includes cardboard recycling, as well as other kinds of paper, like stacks of magazines or newspapers that you have no further use for, or perhaps cabinets of old documents which have become obsolete. It’s also very common for businesses to accumulate stacks of cardboard boxes, since these are very commonly used for shipping products and raw materials to their destinations.

Rather than having these cardboard boxes or other cardboard packing materials carted off to a landfill, where they will eventually disintegrate into the environment, it makes more sense to have them recycled and re-purposed into products that can have further usage. As a convenience to businesses in the area, Hillside Recycling can provide on-site recycling bins for either one-time removal or on a recurring monthly basis, where materials are picked up at a mutually agreed-upon time during the month. Recycling pickup and recycling bins drop-off will be handled by Rupp Trucking, a sister company that we have partnered with to provide greater service to our customers, and greater service to the community.

If you aren’t exactly sure which kind of paper materials are suitable for recycling, please drop in and see us at Hillside Recycling, so we can provide you with a helpful recycling guide that can answer most of your questions. Anything not explained in the recycling guide can be discussed with our friendly and knowledgeable professionals, who will be able to provide recycling tips and other information about the process.

As a member of the Tremonton, UT community, we take paper recycling very seriously in our business, and we hope you will too, so that our non-renewable resources can have extended life and usefulness.

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