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Metal recycling in Tremonton, UT is one of the prime components of our business at Hillside Recycling, and it has been since 2007, when we first opened our doors for business. We are a recycling center that handles most recyclable materials, including paper, plastic, and cardboard, but scrap metal recycling remains one of our most used services. As a metal recycler, we accept unwanted junks and all kinds of scrap metal which your business has no further use for, but which can be processed and re-used in other ways.

Discarded scrap metal sitting on your property is not only an eyesore, but represents a gross under-use of non-renewable resources which might be recycled into products that still have value and worthwhile usage. Rather than just dumping these in a junkyard, the more responsible choice is to have them re-made into something that can still serve a useful purpose. Our recycling rates are the most competitive in the area, because we intentionally make our services accessible to the broadest range of businesses and residents in this community. These rates do however fluctuate considerably, due to various factors outside our control, for instance hauling rates and gas prices, so it’s best to call us directly for an estimate on removal of your recyclables.

We can set up monthly recycling with your business to have a regular pickup of materials, and we can make it very easy for you by leaving a roll-off bin at your location that you can fill up with recyclables during the month. Recycling is something we take very seriously at Hillside Recycling, and we are just as serious about providing the best customer service to all our loyal clients. We hope you’ll remember us at Hillside Recycling for all of your recycling needs.

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